• Seasickness

    It can happen but it's not so common as generally a catamaran is a whole lot more stable than a monohull so for starters that helps.  Also the waters around the BVI are relatively calm with bays and mooring fields nicely sheltered. The layout of the boat with just the cabins below deck allow for lots of light and views of the horizon - all helping to stop any unwelcome feelings of motion sickness.


  • I Can't sail!

    Not everyone can!  As much as we love chartering to competent sailors, we are very happy to have people aboard who have never sailed before!  The solution - your very own Captain. They sleep onboard and take complete control of navigating the boat.  They always love your help but should you wish to sit back & relax they are extremely competent & professional skippers who know exactly what they are doing. They also know all the best places to go to! There is a daily rate (around $175) and TMM our charter base will arrange it for you. Just let us know.



    There is a small supermarket a very short walk from the Marina where you can get most essentials.  You can also order ahead of time online from the larger supermarket and have it delivered and waiting for your arrival.

    There are plenty of places to eat from casual beach bars to luxury dining in some of the resorts so you are never far from food.  The boat has ample fridge and freezer space, a microwave, Gas BBQ & oven. It's up to you how you spend your vacation!



    So this is the best part!  You have so many options that you will want to come back again and again.  Each bay has its own vibe whether a great snorkeling spot, a must for turtle spotting or the best beach bar in town. If you take a Captain with you then they can recommend the best for your party. Feel free to reach out to us to help you build your own itinerary.

    The possibilities are endless!



    It's relaxed, easy and has all the creature comforts you need.  If you prefer to sleep in the cool with air-conditioning  that's not a problem.  More of a fresh air person - open the hatch and catch a breeze.

    Play your music on the speakers and use the Wi-fi to stay in touch.  Or unplug and be castaways for a while! 

    Eat your meals on board or ashore.



    Aside from using the boat as your main choice of travel there is a little dinghy for trips ashore, to marinas and snorkeling coves.  Very easy to use and you will see the main method of getting to & from the beach bars in the evening.

    If you want to explore an island more then car rentals are often available and will work with your schedule.  


  • Activities

    From the obvious sailing, swimming and snorkeling there are plenty of opportunities to try other activities.  Dive boats can pick you up right from Ariadne should you wish to venture deeper and go scuba diving. Some resorts have gyms included in their mooring rates so you can keep fit ashore.

    There are conch tours, flamingo tours and plenty of fishing.

    Ask us for more details.


  • getting here

    Beef Island which is the island airport for Tortola is easily reached from Puerto Rico (45 mins)  for those coming from the US or Antigua from Europe.  There are direct flights from the US to the Charlotte Amalie in the USVI with a ferry ride (45 mins) either on the public ferry to Road Town (3mins away from marina) or a water taxi direct to Ariadne.

    See the Useful Links page for ferry schedules and information.