Looking forward to the rest of the month...

With Ariadne now in the water, and handover scheduled for the middle of the month, we are hopeful that she will be able to leave Les Sables D’Olonne on the Biscay coast of France by the end of April. From there she will set out, her precise route somewhat weather dependent, for the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa. 1300 nautical miles later, maybe a week to a week and a half passage from leaving France, and she will be sunning her upper works in a Gran Canaria marina with the crew going about refueling and restoring.

The delivery skipper and crew will then be looking for an appropriate weather window to set sail on the Trans-Atlantic passage initially to the south, searching for some favorable steady trade-winds. Then she will turn west for the remainder of the 2700 nm leg on her journey to the Eastern Caribbean, and her eventual home port of Road Reef Marina, Tortola. With favorable conditions she should arrive at the TMM base by the end of May/first week of June, and we will see her for the ‘formal’ commissioning a few days later (bottles at the ready)!

Her first charter guests are already booked with TMM, and scheduled to take her out on her maiden charter voyage on June 26th! She will then look forward to a busy few months before the shutdown month in September.

Safe travels!

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