The start of the repair journey!

Ariadne has started her journey to a repair yard in Florida. She, along with several other sister yachts from TMM, was loaded aboard a transport ship called Industrial Fighter. The loading operation completed in the last few days and the transport is underway, her destination port being Port Everglades. We expect her to arrive in the next week or so, and then at some stage in January we would hope that her repair schedule will become clear.

It’s good to see this process get started. The repair yards in the BVI have their own problems at the moment given the damage and destruction that they suffered at the hands of IRMA. Even if the yards weren’t damaged themselves, the number of vessels needing repair in the BVI would likely swamp their capacity on a good day, so overseas repair is really the only option for us.

Given her repair location in Florida I plan to pay a few visits over the winter to see how the process is getting on. Many thanks to all at team TMM, and also to Chris Spencer of Dedicated Marine in Florida to get this moving.

Photo by P Adam Crook

Photo credits to Adam Crook!

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