A change in location, but the repairs start!

Its been a while since Ariadne arrived stateside. The initial plan was for her to repair in the yard at Lauderdale Marine Centre but that fell through as the initially promised space for the repair didn't come through. That said Chris Spencer of Dedicated Marine lived up to the name of his company and in 'dedicated' style found another yard up the coast that seemed much more open to our needs.

Long story short, Ariadne was delivered up the coast, and within a few days has been hauled, the mast has been removed, and she has been put in a dry shelter for the GRP and hardware repairs to take place.

Looking forward to seeing her in a few weeks when I visit the yard to see how the work is going, and looking forward even more to getting her back in the water hopefully in early April and back to work in the TMM fleet!

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