Visit to the boatyard...

We visited Ariadne in the yard today. Quick trip down to St Augustine Marine Center to meet the team who are bringing her back to her former beauty! Work has been underway for the last 2 weeks or so, but already they have made a lot of progress with the GRP work and the difference is clear to see. There is a lot of work still to do; finish the GRP, gelcoat, buff and polish and then get started on the hardware replacement work for items damaged in the storm, but its great to see things moving.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that all continues to progress well. At this rate I am hoping that she emerges from the yard in a new and improved state in the middle of April or so, and can be down to the BVI and back to work by the start of the summer. The improvements will include (I hope!) cabin air cooling for the single fore peak berths in each hull to make life more comfortable for those hardy souls who get to use those accommodation spaces...

Thanks to Chris Spencer, again, from Dedicated Marine and also to the team from St Augustine Marine Center for continuing to work so hard to get her back to her old self!

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